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What is Reach?

Reach allows you to ask anyone anything in exchange for Reach tokens. Every user receives a handful of tokens to start and you earn tokens by responding to other people’s Asks. There are also ongoing giveaways of tokens and rewards given out to users who make positive contributions.

Open to everyone and designed to scale

Reach is open to people of every background, experience or skill set. It is focused on enabling the incredible potential of the human brain on demand and at scale to accomplish any task.

Self organizing through shared incentives

We aggressively reward popular and active users with ongoing token giveaways. We reward high ratings and good behavior and we’ve actually built the solution to one of our most difficult operational challenges into the game mechanics of Reach.

Tapping into unrealized potential

Reach is a platform for the micro-gig economy, where even the smallest slices of your free time can be used to earn rewards and help other people.

Enabling seamless value exchange

There are zero fees charged by Reach. There is no cost to use the service. All transactions made within Reach have no transaction fees, percentages or charges associated with them.

You will need to pay the bank their transaction fee whenever you exchange Reach tokens for USD.

Public blockchain as an audit trail

All Reach token transactions will be recorded on an open decentralized ledger.

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